Hardwood Floors Refinishing

Bring your old floor back to life…and be amazed by the results!! Allow us to sand your existing floor to remove years of wear and tear. We finish all our floors with 3 coats of water base non-toxic finish which dries in hour. AllState flooring will move and protect all furniture and fully clean upon completion.

Refresh your hardwood floor to create a warm, welcoming look in your home. We are experts at stripping hardwood floors, sanding hardwood floors, refinishing hardwood floors, cleaning and polishing wood floors. If you are considering redoing hardwood floors yourself, please understand the damage you can do when trying to resurface hardwood floors can be catastrophic if you are not experienced.  Hardwood floor sanding equipment can grind divots out of wood floors and leave waves of uneven surfaces if not handled properly.

First, decide whether the floor needs a total refinishing job:

  • If a drop of water beads or soaks in slowly, you may get by with a good cleaning and polishing.
  • If a drop of water soaks in immediately, the wood fibers may already be exposed and the floor needs refinishing.
  • If the floor is warped, deeply stained, squeaky or otherwise damaged, you'll need to make repairs first, then refinish.

If you choose to refinish, keep these things in mind:

  • Since the sanding process can remove a lot of surface, your floor needs to be at least 3/4" thick.
  • If your floor is thinner than 3/4", you may want hire a pro to avoid accidentally sanding down to the subfloor.
  • A tongue and groove floor cannot be sanded as many times as a plank floor.
  • Some newer floors are as thin as 1/4" and cannot be refinished.
  • If your hardwood floor is underneath another floor covering, the old floor has to be removed.

Dust Containment Systems

Effective dust containment is essential for protecting your health. Eliminating the nightmare of dust lets you avoid leaving your home or business. This also eliminates the airborne dust that would settle back down into the finish. Dust containment systems also:

  • Provide healthier working conditions
  • Allow for less costly clean up
  • Let you save money. Your abrasive will last longer because it stays cleaner and therefore cooler.

See our video below for more information.